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7200 REAL ONLINE Adena and experience for PVP The best clans are playing on Mass battles, events, mini-events, raids, sieges and much more Guaranteed quality, long work without wipe, 247 instantly support The classic ideal balance is like an interlude, but the graphics are better Event of the year - your chance to become a legend of this story The largest GvE Faction server on the Internet. x1000x1000x1000 Start 75lvl all your need PvP Exp,Adena,Materials is not a last hit system. Its based on damage done. Game Manager Massive PVP running 247 with mini-games for winning faction in between. War Manager Grouped PVP running 247 -- Olympiad 1v1 2v2 5v5 2v2v2v2 5 man FFA Game Manager Events -- TvT CTF KOTH Castle Battles Battlefield Neutral CTF Bomb Squad Multi Team TvT Multi Team CTF Multi Team KOTH Multi Team Neutral CTF Multi Team games will have 4 competing teams. Red, Blue, Green and Orange will all duke it out to see who will win. The top 2 teams will be able to play the Mini Game. Mini Games -- Zombies Elimination Dodgeball -- Live Auction System Custom Fortress Battles 247 NPC Buffer Prophet Buffs ETC Buffs Dances Songs Champion Mobs Used for gaining tokens for epic bosses Raid Manager -- Epic Raids Instanced Raid system -- Spawn Protection Best One Around A lot of interesting, for more information, open the map in the game ALT M

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