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--- Rates --- - Starting Level 80 Safe Enchant 6 Maximum Enchant 21 Crystal Scroll Maximum Enchant 25 Normal Scroll Enchant Rate 75 Blessed Scroll Enchant Rate 85 Crystal Scroll Enchant Rates 50 for 22 40 for 23 30 for 24 20 for 25 If the attempt to enchant an item using Crystal Scrolls fails, the enchantment value remains the same. --- Protection Features --- - DDoS Attack Protection - Alternative Interface Protection. - Olympiad Feeding Protection. - The usage of Premium Hacks is strictly prohibited. - Automatic Bot Banning. --- General Features --- - Carefully balanced classes. - The Olympiad Period ends every five 5 days. - Only retail S Grade Items allowed in the Olympiad. - Seperate Class Balance for the Olympiad. - Giran Castle Siege Every Friday at 10 oclock GMT3 - Aden Castle Siege Every Thursday at 7 o clock GMT3 - Free S Grade Equipment upon entering the game. - Free Third Class quest. - Every Sub-Class available for every character. - Free A Grade Equipment. - Automatic Potions. - Vote Reward system. - Most significant merchantise bought using Vote Coins. - Carefully remastered BladeDancer and SwordSinger Classes. - Frequent TvT, CTF and DeathMatch events. --- Custom Features --- - Custom Circlets found solely in the Vote Shop. - Custom Masks found solely in the Event Shop. - Custom, yet balanced, PvP Jewelry. - Custom Mid-Grade Tattoos. - Custom Farming Zones Safe Farming Zone No PvP PK allowed Normal Middle-Grade Farming Zone PvP and PK allowed, however there is a certain superiority in the items acquired therein. Top Grade Farming Zone Character respawned in the same area after death - Custom Forever Weapons Middle Grade - Custom Apella Armor Middle Grade - Custom Dusk Weapons Top Grade Dusk Weapons may be upgraded up to Level 11. - Custom Dynasty Armor Top Grade - Custom Top Grade Tattoo.

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