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Server was created to provide a very long term grind L2 style, with over time to be a literal God. Uncapped attack, cast speeds, insane custom passive and active skills, custom items every piece gives you more and more power. You WILL be able to solo epics if you work hard enough for it. RATES XPSP 0,1 Adena 0 Drop 0,2 Spoil 0,5 Quests 1 Seal Stones 0,5 Raid drop 2 Manor 2 Hellbound trust Fully opened. Vitality bonuses L2 x2 L3x5 L4x10. FEATURES Main feature Multiskill. No stacking armor masteries Some Kamael skills might be restricted Skills from other classes can be learned using special item thats aquired while leveling and for end game grind. Skills learned this way are max level and are not removed because of delevel. Yes, this means you can have max level any skill from level 2. Secondary feature Crafting takes time and gives XP. Tertiary feature After level 80 you can exchange your XP for currency item thats used to learn multiskills. Buff times 1 hour. Except game breaking ones. Some custom items, NPC and skills. Please see info below. Other info H5 chronicle. QoL custom skills extra inventory, weight, storage, trade. No grade penalty. Class master via html window once level reached as premium option only. Custom server currency used for a lot of shops. No NPC buffer. No custom teleporter. However my teleports limit increased to 50. Customised auction. Custom shops. Custom items Golden Armor sets Golden Weapons Golden Jewelery Cloaks Destruction scrolls Golden set, Golden jewelery and Golden weapons are shadow, 50400 minutes duration, enchantable, attributes enabled. Exchangable for Vesper items. Botting alowed. But only single characters. No party bot trains. Anything more than 1 bot per location will get all your accounts banned. No co-operation between botters allowed either.

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