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L2 Firebird is a full retail like C2 server which will be upgraded to C3 on January 5th 2019. The server is 100 free, there are no donations, no corruption and no bots Server language is English. Shout chat is global, and trade chat is also global and used for all other languages. All the rates are 1x, there are no custom NPCs, shadow weapons or anything that was not retail in old Lineage 2. This server is perfect for old school Lineage 2 fan that loved the grind and are looking for the nostalgia of playing L2 like it was played back in the day. The server GMOwner Administrator is active daily. Bots are being banned read server rules and there are regular events being hosted. The population is low but the community is very nice and thight knitted. There are several active clans, low and high lvls. Come join us and be part of this fantastic server

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