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Grand opening 25 JANUARY 2000 gmt 2 Hello community of Lineage2 Maxim, im here to announce you our Server Features. We hope that you will have a great time playing on our server and also utilizing our Website For any future assistance, issues, problems, bug reports, complaints, suggestions or general discussions related to our server, please feel free to pm us or make a topic at our Forum. We have been once players like you and looking for a server that was good and stable from one server to another we couldnt find the one we could call Good. There were a lot of good servers with lacks, and thats why we start our journey with you . Thats why we decide to create a server. And we open again for be online months , also we waiting all of you 7k7UMkJ.png Exp x35 Sp x35 Adena x15 Drop Chance x15 Spoil x15 Raid Drop x15 Epic Drop x15 Seal Stones x10 iconenchantscroll04.pngEnchant Ratesiconenchantscroll04.png Safe Enchant 3 Max Enchant 12 Normal Scroll Enchant Chance 55 Blessed Scroll Enchant Chance 65 Elemental Stone Chance 50 Elemental Crystal Chance 45 iconboxagitpotion01.png Special Informations Max.Clients per PC 5 1st,2nd,3rd Profession free on Class Master NPC Mana Potion Delay 9 Second Skills Auto Learn Skills Improved Buffs learn with forgotten books Auto Loot for monsters Manual Loot for raid bosses epic bosses Auto potion system .control system .donate command Territory War Every Week Only 1 window at the SiegeTWEpic Zones Every 1 Hour Server Events System Champions System9 Anti Bot System SGuard .report system Geodata Pathnodes Unique Community Board Droplist Search Engine Auction System Achievement New System iconsoulshot01.png Buffs Info Macro Profile Buffs

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