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Chronicle - High Five Rates - 1000x 1000x 1000x Enchant System - Safe 5 Max 10 Divine 15 Olympiads Max 5 Enchant Rates - NormalBlessedAncient 60, Divine 100 Enchant Scrolls Normal Scroll - Break the item if fail Blessed Scroll - Doesnt Break the item if fail, but bring the enchant level to 0 of it Ancient Scroll - The item doesnt break and the enchant level doesnt change if fail Divine Scroll - Can be used only on a item that is already 10 till 15 and it never fail Attribute System - Max level is 7 and 1 Crystal gives the max attribute level with 100 chance Anti-feeding System - OlympiadsEventsPvP Maximum Dualbox - 2 Cancel Return System - 10 Seconds Buffs Slots - Unlimited Buffs Time - 4 Hours Auto Potions System - Type .apon to activate or .apoff to deactivate it while in game Territory War System - Every Saturday time on map with max 3 wards limit per clan Other features Heroes every week Custom PvP System and zones with custom rewards Killing Spree System with custom rewards Anti-Cheat protection PvP items can be tradedaugmented and attributable All Epic Bosses have custom drops and stats PvP Color System Talismans with unlimited durations except for PvP talismans that have 1 week duration Ultra Instinct System Unique balance system that allows ALL classes to be used for PvP

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