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Welcome to La2Legacy H5 ServerRatesRate Experience Points 20x Rate Skill Points 20x Rate Adena 20x Drop Item Crafter 20x Raid Drop 20xSpoil 20xQuest 4xPartyEXP 2xPREMIUM ACCOUNT RATES Rate Experience Points 35x Rate Skill Points 35x Rate Adena 35x Drop Item Crafter 35x ENCHANT SERVER Safe Enchant 4 Max Enchant Weapon 16 Max Enchant Armor AND Jewels 16 Scroll Enchant 55 chance of success Blessed Enchant 65 chance of success Elemental Stone 50 Elemental Crystal 35 SYSTEMS All high five zones reworked and working All high five quests finished and working Reworked a lot of skills formulas and calculations Reworked and working Territory Wars Reworked and working Seed of Infinity Reworked and working Seed of Destruction Reworked and working Seed of Anihilation Chamber of Delusion working retail like Seed of Destruction working retail like Seed of Infinity working retail like Kamaloka instaces working retail like Pailaka instances working retail like Crystal Caverns working retail like Tower of Naia working retail like Steel Citadel working retail like Tullys Workshop working retail like Hellbound Town working retail like FortressCastle working retail like All G.Rbs quests working retail like Working all castle sieges. TvT event manager. Full npc buffer with auto buff. BuffDance Slot - 24414 Max subclasses - 3. Max clients per PC - 4 clients. CUSTOM FEATURES Core Protection System Premium accounts system Captcha anti bot-enchant system getreward vote reward manager Individual ingame vote reward manager Color title or name system Pc Bang Points system Character Control Panel Custom Commands Chaotic Zone Flag Zone New Characters Title And much more Olympiad Retail olympiad game. Competition period 2 WEEKSHero Announce every 1st and 15th of the MONTHOlympiad start time 1800 end 0000.

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