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Good day gentlemen, below you can see the introductory information about our server. We have been working on the dream server for a long time, and we will soon be ready to show it to you So far, we are ready to briefly tell you what awaits you The server has a Multi-Profile system . And also, that would not be boring has a system of Rebirths. Server Chronicles High Five 5. Server Rates Dynamic EXP rates 1 to 80 x5, 78 to 85 x2. 5 SP rates 2.5 Adena drop x3 Epaulettes x1 Drop Spoil x2 Quests Adena-x3 ExpSp x2 modified quests for farm resources 2 Types of champions with x5 and x10 powerups On the server, the penalty for drop and spoilage is removed . You can farm for 80 lvle where you need it, and what you need. The penalty for pumping is 19 levels. Server Description The server is based on the Free to play principle On the server, the initial stat parameters of all warriors and mages are equalized. For warriors STR40,DEX30,CON32,INT23,WIN12,MEN25 For mages STR23,DEX20,CON24INT40,WIN19,MEN39 Many skills have been revised . A detailed description will be waiting for you by the start of the server At the start, each character gets a Skill from the spoiler. All game values are obtained by playing the game . We are focused on quality, not profit. On the server, there is a modified weapon from NG to S grade. There is also a modification of armor and jewelry. Raincoats and shirts 3 types were added to the server, when modified, they increase your parameters. Added caps for warriors and mages, your parameters will increase when you modify them. The SoulShot system has been completely redesigned. Now you do not need to buy new ones for each grade. The new system works with all weapon grades. The Rebirth system is an increase in the parameters of your character . Rebirth is available from LVL 85 . Each Rebirth adds you a parameter that you choose yourself. On sverever, restrictions on instant zones have been removed

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