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Welcome to your Mid Rate x5 High Five Server. This is a small on man project. Invite some Friends to Join Us Multi Skill Stuck Subclasses, 2 Hour Buffs, Auto Mana HP Potions Drop Calculator to teleport to Monster With Carftworld Coins Bank to change DropEvent Items of Festifal Adena,GoldenApiga,Apiga,Mantra to Donation Coins. Recipe Seller with Dynasty,Morail,Vesper,Vorpal,Elegia,Mid and Tops84 Weapons,Jewels Recipe. ALTB Community Board - Scheme Buffer, Auction, Teleport, Shops, Blacksmith More Hourly Events Capture the Flag, Korean Style, Treasure Hunt More Donation Shop - Donator Coins, GM Shop up to S80 gear Vote Rewards every 24 hours and Balanced Classes Donations are not required, but are welcomed - Thank you for your support Trade your Vote coins for Festival Adena or Donator Coins or CraftWorld Coins. about this setup of the server of L2CraftWorld. Or goal is not to get as many players as possible to this server. Thats not the goal of us, the goal is to create a server where you as players should have fun and your like to play here. So you should not find here many players. And if you want to use a BoT program go ahead you will not being banned from the server. But do not cry if you are dying by another players who do not like bot players and kill you Only sometimes when admin comes along and he talks to you and get no replies back is the chance hell put you in jail - And Donations are not required, but are welcomed - evry donation will be used for the server. Thanks you Enjoy the game and dont forget to alway have fun top play the game of Lineage.

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