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Information L2Phoenix The server is a totally Free, emulated on a base L2Jsurinse. Our emulation program provides perfect playing environment Lineage II. Access WebSite Server Information - Rate 250 xp 250 sp 300 adena - Boss 2x - Enchant 65 - Blessed Scroll Enchant 80 - Divine Scroll Enchant 100 - Safe 3 - Max. Enchant 20 - Buff Time 2h Automatic Events - TownWar - Team vs Team - Capture the Flag - Domination - Mass Domination - Deathmatch - Last Man Standing - TvT Advanced - Single Players Fight - Party Fights - Korean Style - Mini TvT AntiBot System Blocked L2Net, L2Tower, L2Walker, CP Reload, etc... - Game clients quantity-control launched from the same hardware. - An ability to ban the hardware. Access WebSite Welcome to this world that will give you lots of fun and adventure Features and basic principles Our administrators, try to keep the server as fair and balanced as possible. With everything we are against any change in skills and classes, to preserve as much of the original game, however, added a few methods needed for a PvP server. Preserve much to stay and satisfaction of our players on the server. Forum You can use our forum to take your questions and also report errors, bugs, suggestions, etc ... Make good use of our forum, read the rules. Vote Reward You can vote for our server, and be rewarded You can vote in Top200 HopZone and every 12 hours and get a Vote Coin, where you can exchange it for special items and gain entry to special areas. Remember above all, your vote is always very important for the proper development of the population and popularity of the server. Donations All donations are to maintain the optimal structure of the server. The rewards available to donors are the same as any player can get without giving. Our server does not have any intent to benefit donors with unusual advantages, this is totally against the principles of ethics of our server. Structure Our server is

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