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  • Joined: 2020-06-02 05:10:12
  • Owner: l2rac
  • Website:
  • Location: Grecee Grecee
  • Chronicle: Interlude
  • Valid Votes: 0

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Server Info XP x1200 SP x1200 Adena 20x Drop 1x Safe Enchant 4 Maximum Enchant 16 Normal Scrolls Enchant Rate 100 Max Enchant 5 Blessed Scrolls Enchant Rate 80 Max Enchant 14 Crystal Scrolls Enchant Rate 75 Max Enchant 16 Lineage 2 private servers Custom Npcs Starting Infos Start up system A grade for free. Level up from 1 to 80 Area. Farm Areas Newbie Zonedrops adena-farm coins-bews-beas. Adena zone. Mix Areadrops farm coins-adena top ls. Farm Coin Areadrops Adena-Farm Coins. Bogsls Area. Party zone4members will be needed to join in party zone. Server Vote System Individual vote manager . Mass reward. Antiafk 1 hour protection and ip. Olympiad daily at 1800 2gmt. Close at 0000 2gmt. Weekly period. Every Sunday at 0000 2gmt. New heroes will granted with hero status. Available sieges weekly Aden. Giran. Goddard. Event Engine With Much Events Every 1 Hour. Mini And Party Events Every 1 Hour. Global Gatekeeper. Global Buffer. Server Informer. Vote Manager. Gm Shop. Services Manager. Donate Manager. Custom Items Dynasty Armor Dusk Weapons Epic Mask Adena. Vote Coins. Event medal. Farm Coins. menu online offlineshop

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