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Join Us High Five Project 8x EXP - x8 SP - x8 Adena - x5 Drop - x4 Spoil - x4 Simple enchant 66 Blessed enchant 72 Safe enchant 4 MAX 16 Element Stone 50 Element Crystal 40 Windows 10 Compatible Buff duration 2h Dances and songs duration 2h Max Clients per PC3 Subclass - no quest Max Subclass - 3 Max Level Sub - 85 LvL Auto Loot Offline store Auto learn skills to lvl 80 Vitality System Global GK Newbie Help NPC Buffer scheme Vote reward All instances quest works 100 Services ALTB Events ALTB Rankings ALTB Clan ALTB RB Status ALTB Commands ALTB Donation Store ALTB Team VS Team Capture The Flag Last Man Death Match Korean Style Treasure Hunt Retail olympiad game Competition period 14 days Olympiad starts time 1800 ends 0000 Maximum enchant in the Olympiad is 6 which means if your items are higher that 6 be reduced to 6 for the duration of the fight

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