Lineage 2 Temple of Zeus (l2toz) is a low rate H5 emulator. Rates: exp/sp = x5 drop/spoil = x1 adena = x3 Custom community board with Gatekeeper Buffer GmShop All buffs from comunity board and scheme buffer are lvl 1 and have duraction of 1 hour S
High Five L2JXp 5xMax +16 Visit
BASIC INFORMATION Experience Rates: x500 SP Rates: x500 ENCHANT RATES Safe +6 Normal Enchant Scrolls for +6 (Rate 100%) Blessed Enchant Scrolls for +12 (Rate 80% Fail Reset +4) Crystal Enchant Scrolls for +16 (Rate 50%, Fail no Reset) Divine Enc
Freya L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit

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