Starting 21.10.2017 featuring 50x rates and unique features, special items, good class balance and much more.
High Five Xp 50xMax +16 Visit
Lineage 2 Illegal is based on a server that emulates the official version of Lineage II in the High Five chronicle with increased rates.
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +25 Visit
Custom Mid farm PvP server x45. Mixed H5-C6. Old school Feeling, modernized gameplay. Custom farm zones. Custom Weapons/Armors/Tattoos No attr. Crystals. No Vesper weaps/armors etc. Gm shop up to S-Grade. Npc Buffer. Automated Events.
High Five L2JXp 45xMax +25 Visit
PvP Server XP / SP 500x Automatic Events Unique systems Safe: +3 Max: +20 Heroes every 7 days TW Sieges 2 week Equilibrated Class
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit
L2 BlutkriegOpening 15 Jul, 2024, 18:00 (UTC -3)
Embark on an epic adventure with our low-rate server, where the thrill of classic Lineage 2 gameplay is enhanced by dynamic mechanics and swift progression.
High Five L2JXp 3xMax +20 Visit
The concept is based as a long-running non P2W, emulating the official server in the High Five era. The Best of is implemented in game auto-farm system FOR FREE, your character keep farming while you sleep or work.
High Five L2JXp 1xMax +16 Visit
Un server desarrollado con dedicación y esfuerzo de un gran equipo de programadores, L2 Malvinas es un rnrnservidor a largo plazo garantizado ya que cuenta con un potente hosting y una excelente conexión para la rnrncomunidad de cualqui
High Five L2JXp 7xMax +16 Visit
Very Crafting friendly 10x server with NPC Buffer, autofarm, autoevents, class balancing, Rebirth System, custom zones, drops, spoils and many more. Many quality of life improvements. No GM shop, everything is earned. Join now and enjoy!
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +16 Visit
L2 Prolog - High Five Multiskill [x5] DDoS Protection Auto-create accounts!
High Five L2JXp 5xMax +50 Visit
High Five Server Mid-Rate Exp/Sp:100x Adena:100x Drop/Spoil:10x/20x Quest:20x custom farm zone. Auto Farm, Party farm and much more.
High Five L2JXp 100xMax +22 Visit
L2HoundsOpening 01 Apr, 2022, 18:00 (UTC +2)
Custom Farm Zones, Raid Boss and accesories Autolearning skills and Forgotten books Champion mobs and new textures
High Five Xp 50xMax +25 Visit
Welcome to your Mid Rate x5 High Five Server. This is a small on man project. Invite some Friends to Join Us Multi Skill Stuck Subclasses, 2 Hour Buffs, Auto Mana HP Potions Drop Calculator to teleport to Monster With Carftworld Coins Bank
High Five Xp 5xMax +25 Visit
Long Term Crafting friendly 4x server with autofarm, Rebirth system, autoevents, class balancing and custom rnrnrnzones, drops, spoils and many more. rnNo GM shop, everything is earned. rnMany quality of life rnimprovements. rnrnJoin now and enjoy!
High Five L2JXp 4xMax +16 Visit
Casual low rates grind with 450 attribute stones and safe enchants available for endgame farming.rnrnAll rates x5.rnNPC buffer - 2 hour buffs.rnCustom event shop.rnChampion mobs x2HP.rnCustomised Grand Bosses.
High Five L2JXp 5xMax +65535 Visit
Rewards just for being online. Comunity Board Character Control panel. Chance to earn real cash. Inventory and Weight Expanded. Comunity Board Services. Automatic Events with rewards + Medals Shop in CB. Offline Trade.
High Five L2JXp 10x Visit
BASIC INFORMATION Experience Rates: x300 Chronic: High Five ENCHANT RATES Safe +6 Max +20 AUGMENTATION & ELEMENT RATES Top Grade Life Stone lvl 84 (Rate 90% for top augment) Crystal Stone one click Lv 7 100%
High Five L2JXp 300xMax +20 Visit
Relax server
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +65535 Visit
Server H5 PvP - Auto Balanced - All itens Farm Game
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit
gameplay Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buff Slots - 34+4 Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs - 16 Scheme Buffs on NPC All buffs on NPC Minimum Debuff Chance - 10% Maximum Debuff Chance - 50% Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes
High Five L2JXp 1000xMax +25 Visit
L2 VesperOffline
EXP/SP/ADENA x1000 Unlimited Vitality Bonus Max Enchant +18 | Safe Enchant +6 Common Scrolls Chance 70% Free 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class & Subclasses Buff Slots 36 | Dance Slots 12 | Time 3h Full GM Shops, NPC Buffers & Lux GKs No Clan penalties or
High Five L2JXp 1000xMax +18 Visit

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