High Five LOW, HIGH PVP SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay All Areas and RaidBosses ready Global Gk, GOD Armor, Weapon Setts Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, On HIGH rate GM-SHOP, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for YOU
High Five Xp 3xMax +18 Visit
The future world will embody all the best ideas and implementations of Master Classa projects. Grandiose online and large-scale battles await you! Now we invite you to familiarize yourself with our forum. We sincerely hope that everyone will find somet
Infinite Odyssey L2JXp 100xMax +30 Visit
Lineage Interlude x10 server.rnOpening 02.09.2022.rnGM Shop (D - B grade)rnBufferrnAuctionrnDressing manager
Interlude L2JXp 10xMax +16 Visit
| PvP Server | XP/SP 500x | Safe: +3 Max: +20 | Extra features ALT+B | Mass PvP Server | Heroes every 7 days | Automatic Events | Equilibrated Class |
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit
| PvP Server | XP/SP 500x | Safe: +3 Max: +20 | Extra features ALT+B | Unique systems | Heroes every 7 days | Automatic Events | Equilibrated Class |
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit
Lineage 2 Drop Gracia Final 1000x Safe + 6 Max + 22, Special Server Custom Items .rnNo P2W , Events rnRewards Money. Sieges Premium Special's Aréas PVPs Zones and Farms ZonesrnExclusive Sistem of Gracia rnFinal !
Gracia Final L2JXp 1000xMax +22 Visit
Lineage II Sura servidor Hispanoparlante de High Five rates x10 safe enchant +4, max enchant +25, 3 subclass... visite la seccion caracteristicas de nuestra web para mas informacion
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +25 Visit
High Five PvP - XP/SP 300x Adena 300x | Safe: +3 Max: +20 | Many Automatic Events | Opening October 22 at 18:00 GMT-3
High Five L2JXp 300xMax +20 Visit
A Brand New High Five Server x15, Official Opening 28th Oct 2022, Server is made by expert players to rndeliver rnrnrnthe highest quality lineage 2 experience.rnCustom Armor, Custom Talisman.rnImproved Epic rnJewels.rnMastery rnrnPoints System.rnDaily
High Five L2OFFXp 15xMax +16 Visit
High Five L2JXp 25xMax +6 Visit
Interlude L2JXp 10xMax +10 Visit
L2Exord/High Five/Middle Rate/100x/100x/150x/TvT/CTF/LM/GK GLOBAL/GM SHOP/Safe+6/Max+16/Blessed rn70%/Balanced System
High Five L2JXp 100xMax +16 Visit
No limite box, bot allowed, newbie buff at lvl 40.
Interlude L2JXp 1xMax +16 Visit
Lineage 2 Scarlet Freya private server - Your Best Lineage 2 Experience Lineage 2 Freya server 15x Custom Solo and Party Instanced Zones with great rewards Weekly passive events New Epilogue and Freya zones
Freya Xp 15xMax +20 Visit
Rates Exp x5 Sp x1 Adena x7 Drop x6 Spoil Drop x6 Raid Boss Drop x5 Quest Drop Rate x5 Epic Boss Drop x5 Enchant Safe Enchant Scroll 3 Enchant Scroll Max 16 Enchant Normal Scroll Succes 60 Enchant Blessed Scroll Succes 60 Element succe
High Five Xp 5xMax +16 Visit
L2 Sword - High Five Server Abertura dia 09 de Outubro as 1600 Farm Items Rate 500x Mass PvP Server
High Five Xp 500xMax +20 Visit
Lineage 2 High Five - XP SP 100X - Adena 100X - MaxEnch 16 - RateEnch 30 - Everything can be done within the game.
High Five L2JXp 100xMax +16 Visit
PvP Server XPSP 500x Automatic Events Unique systems Safe 3 Max 20 Heroes every 7 days TW Sieges 2 week Equilibrated Class
High Five Xp 500xMax +20 Visit
EXPSP x100 Adena x55 Drop Spoil 20 Bosses x10 Quests 10 Epaulettes x10 Fame x2 Macro bug Disabled Soulshot lag Disabled Carrier Free Sub-class Without a quest, 49 Silver Coins are deducting while taking a sub Max. sub level 85 Noblesse Th
High Five Xp 100xMax +20 Visit
Server General Info Organized community board that includes every need of a player. Gatekeeper, service manager, buffer, free and easy certification system for subclass too, donations, blacksmith included more Service Manager that provides all ty
High Five Xp 1000xMax +18 Visit

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