El hora del server, site y Foro - GMT -3 Duración de los Buffs, Dances e Songs - 2 horas Max Buffs Slots - 28 Maximum Slots Dances and Songs - 12 Chance Minimum Debuffs - 10% Chance Maximum Debuffs - 90% Olympiads Max Enchant -. 6
High Five L2JXp 25xMax +20 Visit
gameplay Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours Maximum Buff Slots - 34+4 Maximum Slots of Dances and Songs - 16 Scheme Buffs on NPC All buffs on NPC Minimum Debuff Chance - 10% Maximum Debuff Chance - 50% Geodata and Pathnodes - Yes
High Five L2JXp 1000xMax +25 Visit
Relax server
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +65535 Visit
Server H5 PvP - Auto Balanced - All itens Farm Game
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +20 Visit
BASIC INFORMATION Experience Rates: x300 Chronic: High Five ENCHANT RATES Safe +6 Max +20 AUGMENTATION & ELEMENT RATES Top Grade Life Stone lvl 84 (Rate 90% for top augment) Crystal Stone one click Lv 7 100%
High Five L2JXp 300xMax +20 Visit
L2 VesperOffline
EXP/SP/ADENA x1000 Unlimited Vitality Bonus Max Enchant +18 | Safe Enchant +6 Common Scrolls Chance 70% Free 1st, 2nd, 3rd Class & Subclasses Buff Slots 36 | Dance Slots 12 | Time 3h Full GM Shops, NPC Buffers & Lux GKs No Clan penalties or
High Five L2JXp 1000xMax +18 Visit
Duration of Buffs, Dances and Songs - 2 hours safe 6 max 22 Maximum Buff Slots - 28 4 Maximum Dance and Music Slots - 16 Scheme Buffs without NPC All buffs without NPC Minimum Chance of Debuffs - 10 Maximum Chance of Debuffs - 40 Geodata and Path
High Five Xp 500xMax +22 Visit
Lineage 2 High Five - XP SP 100X - Adena 100X - MaxEnch 16 - RateEnch 30 - Everything can be done within the game.
High Five L2JXp 100xMax +16 Visit
The Authentic and Unique High Five Server C.T. 2.6.3
High Five L2JXp 3xMax +20 Visit
L2 EternoOpening 05 Jan, 2024, 20:00 (UTC -3)
Experiência (EXP): 50X | Pontos de Habilidade (SP): 50X | Adena: 50X | Buffs, Dances, Songs: 1 Hora | Buff Slots: 26+4+12 | Você está convidado(a) a conhecer o L2 Eterno!
High Five L2JXp 50xMax +16 Visit
Lineage 2 Delirium High Five | Rates x500 | Automatic Events | Party and Solo Event | Olympiad Every 7 Days | Balanced Class | Grand Opening 12/22/2023.
High Five L2JXp 500xMax +16 Visit
We have decided to create something special for you, the new project we are preparing is Long Term High Five Chronicle x5. High Five Chronicle is considered to be one of the most popular and successful chronicle of Lineage 2. Some of the mechanics and
High Five L2JXp 25xMax +16 Visit
DESTARION.COMOpening 02 Feb, 2024, 18:00 (UTC +1)
Online more than 1500 players from all over the world. The strongest clans and const party. PvP battles 24-7 and hot Olympiad.
High Five L2JXp 25xMax +16 Visit
High Five LOW, MID & Old Scool x1 SERVER, FULL GEODATA for better gameplay! All Areas and RaidBosses ready! Global Gk, Tattos, Premium account with Buffer!! Dual Box, Community, Events, Donations, NPC Buffer, Long Bufftime, Join Now, we wait for Y
High Five L2JXp 3xMax +18 Visit
Server H5 Multiskill Inicio Multiskill 29102019 1800hs l2kairos.com vamos creciendo poco a poco 45- 80 on Evento x2 ON 14112019 RATES exp x4 sp x4 drop x1 spoil x1 vip x2 STARTER LVL 52 Giran Harbor Max LvL 110 Systema Rebirth LvL 8595 Agrega 1 at
High Five Xp 4xMax +100 Visit
L2 Mythodea High Five Server x10 Welcome the L2 Mythodea High Five Server x10 Fresh !PROJECT! STABLE!NO WIPE!! Enjoy the server with your friends your free time! Best Choise Mid Rate Custom Server! DONATE SHOP WITH ITEMS
High Five L2JXp 10xMax +20 Visit
Welcome to L2ICON. RATES: EXP/SP x15, Adena x7, Drop x5, Spoil x5, Raid Bosses x3, Knight's Epaulette x5, Seal Stones x5. L2ICON is a balanced, no pay to win High Five x15 long lasting server aiming to be your next home. The project has many
High Five L2JXp 15xMax +16 Visit
High Five Rates 500x 500x 250x Many Automatic Events PvP All Time AntiBot Custom Npcs Custom Areas Farm 7 Years Online 700 Players Online The Best Server PvP Join Now
High Five Xp 500xMax +25 Visit
Lineage 2 Temple of Zeus (l2toz) is a low rate H5 emulator. Rates: exp/sp = x5 drop/spoil = x1 adena = x3 Custom community board with Gatekeeper Buffer GmShop All buffs from comunity board and scheme buffer are lvl 1 and have duraction of 1 hour S
High Five L2JXp 5xMax +16 Visit
Good day gentlemen, below you can see the introductory information about our server. We have been working on the dream server for a long time, and we will soon be ready to show it to you So far, we are ready to briefly tell you what awaits you The serve
High Five Xp 5xMax +25 Visit

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