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Server General Info Organized community board that includes every need of a player. Gatekeeper, service manager, buffer, free and easy certification system for subclass too, donations, blacksmith included more Service Manager that provides all type of needs to every player. GMShop, warehouse, Augmenting,Symbol maker, Removal of Attribute and more Safe enchant 6, Max 16 with 80 Blessed Rate With Ancient Scrolls you have 10 to Enchant 16 to 18 without destroy the item if the scroll fail . Rank System Rank System with 42 different Ranks, allows you to be more competitive on the server and will make you get more PvP Assist Coins depending on wich Rank you are. You can exchange the PvP Assist Coin them in PvP Shop for Armor, Weapons, Ancient Scrolls, Dressme skins and many more items. Farm Zones Hellbound Drops With different zones easymidhard Gold Knights, Giant Codex Mastery, Blessed armor Weapons S, TOP Stones 84. Pagan Temple Drops Gold Knights, Giant Codex Mastery, Blessed armor Weapons S, TOP Stones LvL 84 Grand Boss. PvP Zones Our PvP Zones has 3 modes 1 . PvP Normal Classic PvP zone 2 . Red vs Blue In this team Red team fights the Blue team. Its basically a TvT event but without partys allowed. 3. Free for all FFA A mode where everyone attacks everyone NOTE Each mode lasts for 1 hour. The order of the modes is like this PvP Normal - Free For all - PvP Normal - Red VS Blue. Then repeat.

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