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Lineage II Cetus is a C5 Oath of Blood retail classic x3 Project. Golden Chronicle is throwing back some memories to oldschool players and gives the chance to new players to live that great expirience of the hardcore way to level up enjoy parties for farming etc. L2Server Time 3 GMT L2Server Launch Date 01022021-2200 Expirience 3x Skill points 3x Adena - 3x NPC drop - 1x NPC Spoil - 1x Offline Trading System Enabled Offline Crafting System Enabled Retail rates for Quests Festivals Classic gameplay Free Premium Character NO P2W ONE BOX PER IP NO CORRUPTIONS SMOOTH GAMEPLAY How to be FREE PREMIUM Character You can take FREE PREMIUM via Voting for L2Cetus FREE PREMIUM BENEFITS Expirience 6x Skill points 6x Adena - 6x Rates increase duration 12 Hours

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