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The L2Maximus server has been launched thanks to three tired Lineage fans and enthusiasts. For a long time we have been testing, debugging, patching holes. Because we were once hard-working players, from our frustrations and discoveries, we made the server the way we once wanted to play ourselves. Of course, there are still some ideas, and quite a few mistakes too, so some minor changes may be made in the future. And so, on the long-awaited February 7, 2020, the server is giving away your verdict. We value our players, so we wont let you get bored. Regular and exclusive events are constantly updated, promotions are created and errors are searched for. The administration works without letting your hands feel as uncomfortable as possible while playing on our server. We will be happy to hear your opinions, no matter what, suggestions, praise or criticism. So, feel free to talk and write about every aspect. You can interact directly in the game, in our forums, on Facebook or in VKontakte. Any opinion is extremely important. And now we invite you to join our cool L2Maximus team and enjoy Lineage. Real cash Awards

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