We are glad to announce, that our toplist is finally Officially Opened.

In case you face, any problem of bug, please report it and we will try to fix it asap.

No need to wander around the vast expanses of the Internet in search of new servers. They all gathered at our will be your next thought, when you are about to change or find your desirable server.

We offer free, blog post, in case you want to advertise your server's opening, or anything related to lineage 2 let us know by email
We will review your request, and post for free your post on our blog.

Blog will also include, server's review, lineage 2 news and special player's video. 
Are you a player, and you recorded a good gameplay video, showing your skills, on any of our listed server? 
Let us know, and maybe your video will be posted on our blog.

Thanks for choosing us. Team